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Bruker SkyScan 1273

Bruker Micro-CT

NEW Bruker SkyScan 1273

Benchtop micro-CT for large / heavy objects

The Bruker SkyScan 1273 is a benchtop 3D X-ray microscope for larger, heavier samples that could previously only be scanned using a substantial floor-standing system. Samples can be up to:

  • 500 mm long
  • 300 mm diameter
  • 20 kg in weight

This sets a new standard for non-destructive testing (NDT) using a benchtop instrument.

You can also image planar and high aspect ratio objects with HART PLUS.

Acquire excellent quality images in seconds, with a high-energy X-ray source and a large format flat-panel detector. Full software is provided, including InstaRecon for 100 times faster image reconstruction than standard algorithms.

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Bruker SkyScan 1273


  • Defect detection in casting, machining, additive manufacturing
  • Inspecting electro-mechanical assemblies
  • Pharmaceutical packaging
  • Advanced medical tools
  • Drill cores in geology
  • Non-ambient microscopy


  • Scan large/heavy objects with a benchtop system
  • High quality images in seconds
  • Requires minimal lab space
  • Easy to get up and running
  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • Low cost of ownership


  • 40-130kV maintenance-free X-ray source for low cost of ownership
  • Automatic energy selection with a 8-position filter changer
  • Fast 3D reconstruction with GPU acceleration
  • Generate large images with offset scanning and automatic stitching
  • Excellent image quality even of planar structures, with helical scanning and exact reconstruction. More about helical scanning…
  • Up to 4x faster scanning of objects with high aspect ratio
Aluminium Cast Water Pump

Aluminum cast water pump body from a car engine with colour-coded voids. 3072 x 3072 x 1448 pixels; 53 µm isotropic resolution.

3D Print Tomography Scan

3D printed part. 3072 x 3072 x 1217 pixels; 34 µm isotropic resolution.

Drill Core

Carbonate drill core (200 mm long ) with a section removed virtually. 3072 x 3072 x 9783 pixels; 13 µm isotropic resolution.

SkyScan 1273 Dimensions