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DigiScan II


DigiScan II

Digital beam control and image processing 

Enhance the photographic quality of your digital images with the Gatan DigiScan II. Upgrade your SEM with next-generation image acquisition, flexible digital beam control and powerful signal extraction technology.

  • Universal interface for almost all SEM and STEM systems
  • Optimise images to fit the experiment—no compromises on quality when using flexible scan and digitisation
  • Low noise, fast imaging with differential analogue-to-digital or digital-to-analogue converter
  • Simultaneous multiple signal acquisition and unique contrast modes
  • Up to 4 analogue and 4 pulse inputs simultaneously
  • Choose your image size up to 8192 pixels wide x 8192 pixels high
  • Digitisation at 1, 2, or 4 bytes per pixel
  • Select pixel dwell time from 400 ns to 400 msec per pixel

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Gatan Digiscan II


  • Life science
  • Material science
  • Natural resources
  • Electronics


  • Enhance the performance of even modern SEMs
  • Flexible image acquisition controls
  • Excellent signal-to-noise extraction techniques
  • Simultaneous acquisition from multiple channels

Enhance the Performance of your SEM

The Gatan DigiScan II transforms analogue electron microscopes into modem instruments. Acquire photographic quality digital images, with modern processing, saving, archiving and retrieval. It also adds scan rotate functionality, which is useful when specimen rotation is not possible or inconvenient.

  • Acquire high pixel density images.
  • Poster size images for higher spatial resolution at lower SEM magnification – an alternative to mosaics/montages.
  • Zoom and crop in post processing with less pixilation and information loss.

Features include flexible pixel density and dwell times and high bit depth acquisition. Acquire simultaneously from multiple imaging and mapping inputs. This can open up new applications, improve the quality of your results and save you time.

Advanced Techniques

The DigiScan II is key to many of Gatan’s advanced techniques:

  • Spectrum imaging (SI): Mapping functionality with drift correction.
  • Cathodoluminescence (CL): Measure weak signals from PMTs (photo multiplier tubes) and diodes. Enhance high spectral and spatial resolution imaging results. Additional pulse inputs can further quantify PMT imaging signals. It also unlocks simultaneous, multi-signal micro-characterisation techniques.
  • ChromaCL2: Unique live colour image acquisition, and live colour mixing of other channels.
  • SmartEBIC and related techniques: Quantitative acquisition of imaging and beam current signals.