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OneView Camera


OneView Camera

Award-winning TEM camera

Capture 16MP images and videos in all TEM applications with the Gatan OneView camera. Winner of the 2015 Microscopy Today Innovation Award.

  • 4k x 4k resolution for imaging and in-situ.
  • 25 fps live video and full 4k x 4k resolution.
  • Real-time drift correction and outlier removal, with in-line data processing.
  • Detect single electrons with the highest signal-to-noise ratio and the most sensitive scintillator and fiber optics available.
  • Extend the dynamic range beyond 16-bits with no beam stop.
  • Use as the primary camera with FEI, Hitachi High Technologies and JEOL TEMs.

In-Situ Option

  • Flexibility to balance resolution and frame rate: from 4096 x 4096 pixels at 25 fps to 512 x 512 pixels at 300 fps.
  • Video buffer with post-event triggering with LookBack feature for capturing the start of reactions.
  • Powerful post-processing video tools.
  • Observe dynamic processes at atomic-scale resolution – more details…

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Gatan OneView TEM Camera


  • Life science
  • Material science
  • Natural resources
  • Electronics


  • Large, high resolution 4k x 4k field of view
  • CMOS sensor with built-in shutter
  • 25 full frames per second
  • In-line data processing for optimal image quality and dynamic range beyond 16 bits