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Backscattered electron (BSE) detector for SEM

The Gatan OnPoint is a backscattered electron detector for SEM (Scanning Electron Microscopes). Study non-conductive samples including polymers, plastics and biological materials. Optimised for low kV, for studying uncoated biological samples, low atomic number (Z) elements and large 3D datasets.

  • Resolve features distorted by charging or beam damage: Low kV to reduce charge build-up and protect delicate samples
  • Capture large, 3D datasets quickly:¬†Up to 6 times faster for large field of view images and 3D.
  • Differentiate low-Z elements: Highest signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) available, to distinguish between elements with similar atomic numbers.
  • Highest BSE collection efficiency: Capture electrons that other detectors miss, with minimal noise.
  • Optimum performance within minutes: Maintain the best performance without the need for service visits, with user-exchangeable sensors.

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Gatan SmartEBIC

EBIC image using thermal representation of a defect in Si photovoltaic.


  • Neuroscience
  • Cell biology
  • Natural resources
  • Alloys (Al, Mg)
  • Plastics, polymers


  • Acquire large 3D datasets & fields of view
  • < 5 kV beam energy for a wider range of samples
  • Differentiate low-Z elements
  • High collection efficiency
  • Low noise


Faster BSE Detection

Four-Fold Faster Imaging: Compare image quality from the previous generation 3View (top) with the OnPoint (bottom) at various dwell times. The OnPoint detector takes equal or better quality images with shorter dwell times.


Synaptic Vesicle

Low kV Imaging: Preserve and discriminate fine features, such as synaptic vesicles. Courtesy of T. Deerinck NCMIR/UCSD.