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STEMPack Spectrum Imaging


STEMPack Spectrum Imaging

For electron microscopes with scanning mode

Acquire detailed analytic data from your sample using an electron microscope with scanning mode, with the Gatan STEMPack system. Multimodal data in scanning mode gives you a wealth of information from precise positions within a scanned image or line profile. This is the basis for a range of techniques known as spectrum imaging (SI).

Spectrum imaging acquires the maximum possible information from a specific area of the sample. The procedure is fully automated. STEMPack is compatible with a range of detectors including:

  • EELS (Electron Energy Loss)
  • Characteristic x-ray emission (EDS)
  • Cathodoluminescence emission (CL)
  • Aabsorbed / induced current (EBAC/EBIC)
  • Electron diffraction

The spectral data is analysed with powerful processing and visualisation processes to uncover unique details. The detail of the spectral information, together with the high spatial resolution makes this an extremely powerful electron microscopy technique

  • Acquisition options to give you flexible data without artefacts.
  • Simple analysis of dense data sets with a single application; directly cross reference data and results
  • Choose your data size and region 
  • Acquire virtually any signal produced in the electron microscope as part of a spectrum image
  • Detail rich mapping 

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Spectrum imaging



Gatan STEMPack


  • Electronics
  • Natural Resources
  • Material Science
  • Life Science


  • Detailed analytical data
  • Wealth of information
  • Rich spectral information and high spatial resolution
  • Achieve excellent results with simple but flexible software