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Disc Grinder


Disc Grinder

Pre-Thin and Polish TEM Samples

Save time on ion milling and improve sample quality by preparing your TEM samples with the Gatan Disc Grinder.

  • Lightweight grinder reduces polishing pressure and specimen damage.
  • Precise thickness control with ultra-fine thread and specimen drive screw pre-loading.
  • Uniform thickness (5 µm accuracy) with large diameter polishing face wand precise specimen mount.

The Disc Grinder produces parallel sided samples quickly and easily, with mechanical polishing. The large micrometer dial displays the thickness in microns (µm).

Produce parallel-sided discs 50 µm thick, up to 9mm diameter.

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Gatan TEM Disc Grinder



  • Materials science
  • Natural resources
  • Electronics


  • Minimal specimen damage, with low pressure polishing
  • Excellent thickness control
  • Uniform thickness

Higher Quality TEM Samples

The quality of TEM specimens depends on the quality of the initial disc. Thinner, more uniform starting discs produce larger electron transparent areas. Common problems when trying to create thin discs are:

  • Tapering cross-sections
  • Sub-surface damage
  • Poor control of thickness and uniformity

The Disc Grinder has been designed specifically to eliminate these problems:

  • Large diameter polishing face and precisely fitting specimen mount, to keep the specimen parallel to the polishing surface.
  • Ultra-fine thread and specimen drive screw pre-loading for thickness control.
  • Limited maximum polishing pressure, to minimise sample damage.

TEM specimen mounting hot plate

Specimen mounting hot plate: Discs are attached firmly during grinding, using a low melting point wax polymer. This creates a strong, thin, hard adhesive bond. The specimen mounting hot plate is thermostatically controlled at the precise mounting temperature of 130 °C. The hot plate also has recesses to hold specimen mounts in place during bonding.

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