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Disc Punch


Disc Punch

TEM Disc Cutter 

The Gatan Disc Punch System cuts TEM (Transmission Electron Microscope) discs from metals, alloys and ductile materials.

  • Sample protected from compression, with unique piston-rim design
  • Sharp cut edge and easy to remove punched discs, with exact fit cutting and support pistons.
  • Strong and rigid for long term precision and reliability.
  • Easy to see and remove punched area/disc. 
  • Fast, single motion multiple punching.

Cut specimen discs 3mm in diameter, with thicknesses of 10 µm to over 100 µm, ready for TEM analysis.

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Gatan Disc Punch for TEM



  • Materials science
  • Natural resources
  • Electronics


  • Sample protected from compression
  • Sharp cut edges
  • Strong metal base for long term use
  • Easy to remove punched discs

Suitable for a Variety of Materials

The Disc Punch has been tested on the following materials, punching repeatedly with little or no mechanical distortion:

  • Membrane filter – 10 μm thick
  • Aluminum foil – 20 μm thick
  • Copper foil – 50 μm thick
  • Paper – 100 μm thick
  • Razor blade – 230 μm thick
  • Aluminum sheet – 400 μm thick


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