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Broad argon ion beam system for polishing and coating samples

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The PECS II is an automated sample preparation system for SEM, SPM, EDS, EBSD, CL and EBIC. 

Prepare damage-free surfaces, cross-sections and deposit coatings to protect or eliminate charging.

  • Polish, etch and coat samples without interrupting the vacuum.
  • Etch at voltages as low as 100 V for fast, damage free surfaces.
  • Suitable for samples up to 32 mm diameter.
  • Transfer samples to your SEM/FIB or glovebox without exposure to air (optional).
  • Digital zoom microscope for real-time monitoring
  • Analyse images in Gatan’s DigitalMicrograph software.
  • Easy touchscreen operation.

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  • Semiconductors
  • Metals (oxides, alloys)
  • Ceramics
  • Natural resources


  • Damage-free surfaces
  • Fully automated
  • Polishing & coating in one pump down
  • Monitor milling with the digital zoom microscope

Example: Remove Oxide Layers from Alloys

In this example, the PECS II was used to get better EBSD results from magnesium alloy by removing the layer of oxidation. More details…

Optional Cooling Stage

An optional temperature-controlled liquid nitrogen cooling stage is available. Together with Gatan’s patented WhisperLok system, which lets you load and unload samples without venting the main chamber, you can prevent melting and structural changes caused by heat, which can be a problem with conventional milling processes.


Gatan PECS II EBSD Sample Prep Example

(A) SE image of polished surface showing highly twinned grains. (B) Kikuchi pattern from Zircaloy after PECS II polish. (C) EBSD Euler angle map. (D) IPFZ map. Courtesy of Professor Angus Wilkinson & Dr. Hamidreza Abdolvand, Department of Materials, University of Oxford.

Video Demonstrations

These short videos show how to load, adjust and remove samples, and how to coat and polish:

Webinar: Better EBSD Results with Broad Argon Beam Preparation