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RSC Solid State Chemistry Group Christmas Meeting 2014

RSC Solid State Chemistry Group Christmas Meeting 2014

Visit us in Glasgow on 18-19 December at the RSC Solid State Chemistry Group Christmas Meeting, organised by the Universities of Glasgow and Strathclyde. The conference covers research spanning the range of solid state chemistry, including materials discovery, technological applications and simulation and modelling. The event starts at 1pm on Thursday, with a banquet dinner in the evening […]

Bruker TD-NMR case studies - webinar

TD-NMR Case Studies

TD-NMR case studies about hydrogen content analysis in refineries and oil, moisture and protein content analysis in the food/feed industry. Watch recorded webinars from Bruker and find out more about TD-NMR (time-domain nuclear magnetic resonance) analysis. Hydrogen Content Analysis This webinar explains how TD-NMR works and how it is relevant in the refining industry, with case studies from customers about […]

What is AFM-IR Video

AFM-IR Video: Anasys nanoIR2

AFM-IR Video AFM-IR is a pioneering nanoscale surface analysis technique that combines AFM (atomic force microscopy) with infrared (IR) spectroscopy. Watch the AFM-IR video from Anasys for an easy-to-understand, visual explanation of what AFM-IR is and how the technique captures spectra alongside AFM-IR images. nanoIR2™ AFM-IR System The Anasys nanoIR2 is a nanoscale IR spectroscopy platform. The system features […]

Hysitron xSol High Temperature Nanoindentation Stage

Nanoindentation Video: Hysitron xSol High Temperature Stage

Nanoindentation video about the Hysitron xSol High Temperature Stage – an award-winning stage for nanomechanical characterisation over a broad range of temperatures, up to 800°C!  View our range of scientific instruments An understanding of nanoscale mechanical properties is important when researching and developing reliable high temperature materials for use in extreme environments. The Hysitron xSol High Temperature Stage […]

Add Nanomechanical Testing to your SEM

Add nanomechanical testing capability to your SEM (Scanning Electron Microscopy) with the new Hysitron PI 87xR SEM PicoIndenter. Enhance the capabilities of your tribology or nanoindentation lab with the new depth-sensing nanomechanical testing for SEM attachment. Hysitron’s PI Series SEM PicoIndenter® is a depth-sensing mechanical test system that interfaces with scanning electron microscopes. Perform quantitative nanomechanical […]

AFM-IR Webinar - nanoscale IR spectroscopy for materials and life science

AFM-IR Webinar, 21st October: Nanoscale IR Spectroscopy for Materials and Life Science

AFM-IR webinar about nanoscale IR spectroscopy for materials and life science, presented by Anasys Instruments on Tuesday 21st October at 8am PST (4pm GMT). Learn about revolutionary AFM-IR surface analysis technique and why it is being adopted as the new method of choice for nanoscale chemical identification and composition mapping. With sub-50nm spatial resolution, AFM-IR is an entirely […]

Anasys AFM-IR Workshop

Anasys AFM-IR Workshop – Tuesday 4th November

Join us at our Anasys AFM-IR Workshop on Tuesday 4th November 2014 at the University of Manchester School of Materials. The event will include: Presentations from leading researchers in the field of AFM-based nano IR measurements Live demonstrations on an Anasys AFM-IR system Unique opportunity to meet the inventor of AFM-IR: Dr. Alex Dazzi of the Université Paris-Sud […]

Hysitron R&D 100 Award Winner

Hysitron xSol High Temperature Stage Wins R&D 100 Award

Hysitron’s xSol high temperature stage has won a prestigious 2014 R&D 100 Award.  View our range of scientific instruments  Contact us on 01223 422 269 or info@blue-scientific.com R&D 100 Awards The R&D 100 Awards, known as the “Oscars of Invention”, recognise and celebrate the top 100 technology products of the year. Entries are judged by outside experts, from professional […]

Electrochem 2014 Electrochemical Horizons

Electrochem 2014, Loughborough

Join us at Electrochem 2014 at Loughborough University on 7th-9th September 2014. Visit our booth to find out more about our scientific instrumentation for electrochemistry applications and discuss your scientific research. Electrochem is an annual conference for the UK & Ireland, showcasing a cross-disciplinary range of fundamental and applied electrochemistry. The event aims to encourage the exchange of knowledge, promote the latest research, link academia […]

ECOSS Surface Science Conference

ECOSS: European Conference on Surface Science

ECOSS, the 30th European Conference on Surface Science, will be taking place on 31 August – 05 September 2014. The conference venue is the Kervansaray Lara Convention Centre in Antalya on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. The event will include talks and poster sessions, with prizes for the best presentations, as well as a gala dinner. The talks and […]