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BioContinuum Imaging Filter


NEW BioContinuum Imaging Filter

Direct detection system for Cryo-EM and Cryo-ET

The Gatan BioContinuum imaging filter combines:

  • Cutting-edge optics from the Gatan Continuum
  • Revolutionary K3 electron-counting, direct detection camera

It’s ideal for low-dose imaging, single particle cryo-electron microscopy and cryo-electron tomography. Study cellular organisation and ultrastructure, as well as system function and disease progression at the molecular level.

  • Highest DQE available:
    • Detect smaller particles.
    • Distinguish conformational changes.
    • Lower dose cryo-ET.
    • Higher resolution for 3D reconstruction.
  • Intelligent tuning:
    • Fast, streamlined optics alignment with smart algorithms.
  • 1,500 full frames per second:
    • Acquisition at 3.75 times the speed of the GIF Quantum LS imaging filter.
  • 24 megapixel field of view:
    • Capture 1.6 times the size of the GIF Quantum LS imaging filter.
  • Lowest image distortion:
    • Cutting-edge optics from the Continuum to minimise image distortion.
    • K3 direct detector maximises the available imaging area.

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Gatan BioContinuum


  • Low dose imaging for beam-sensitive materials
  • Cellular organisation and ultrastructure
  • System function at a molecular level
  • Disease progression


  • Highest DQE
  • Low dose imaging
  • High throughput
  • Large field of view
  • Easy to use, with smart algorithms

Single particle data acquisition

Single particle data acquisition

Clear, Accurate Images

The BioContinuum delivers the highest DQE (Detective Quantum Efficiency) available. Using direct detection together with innovative algorithms, the BioContinuum removes inelastically scattered electrons. This improves the signal-to-noise ratio in thick samples and enables you to see smaller particles more easily.

The next-generation electron optics minimize distortion to deliver the clearest, most accurate images of any energy filter available.

Electron Counting

This video explains the principle behind electron counting and how it enables the K3 camera technology to deliver the highest resolution results for single particle cryo-electron microscopy: