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Water uptake in organic coatings using AFM-IR

Mapping Water Uptake in Organic Coatings using AFM-IR

Professor Stuart Lyon of the University of Manchester, a Blue Scientific customer, has  published a paper about mapping water uptake in organic coatings using AFM-IR. Water Uptake in Organic Coatings Paints are commonly used to isolate metals from corrosive environments. The breakdown of protection offered by organic coatings over long periods of time is an important process in corrosion science. […]

What is AFM-IR Video

AFM-IR Video: Anasys nanoIR2

AFM-IR Video AFM-IR is a pioneering nanoscale surface analysis technique that combines AFM (atomic force microscopy) with infrared (IR) spectroscopy. Watch the AFM-IR video from Anasys for an easy-to-understand, visual explanation of what AFM-IR is and how the technique captures spectra alongside AFM-IR images. nanoIR2™ AFM-IR System The Anasys nanoIR2 is a nanoscale IR spectroscopy platform. The system features […]