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Observing dynamic processes with in-situ TEM

Observe Dynamic Processes with In-Situ TEM: Atomic-Scale Crystal Nucleation and Growth Dynamics

Capture dynamic processes during in-situ TEM experiments with the Gatan OneView IS camera, at up to 25 fps with 16 MP images. In this example, researchers at the University of Tokyo observed crystal nucleation and growth at atomic scale.

Upgrade your TEM Camera

Upgrading your TEM: Cameras and Cryo-EM

Upgrading your TEM camera can update your existing microscope for higher quality data, faster and easier workflows and convenient new features.

High Speed TEM Camera (Gatan Oneview)

High Speed TEM Camera Workshop at SCANDEM 2018

Register now for our pre-conference workshop at SCANDEM 2018 to find out more about high speed TEM with the Gatan OneView camera.

Gatan - new Nordic distributor

New Partnership with Gatan in the Nordic Region

We are delighted to add Gatan to our portfolio of scientific instruments, for our Nordic customers. Gatan systems enhance the performance of electron microscopes.