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XRM for Pharmaceuticals & Medical Devices

XRM for Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices (X-Ray Microscopy / Micro-CT)

An overview of how XRM is used to examine tablets, coatings, packaging, failure analysis & more.

Drug Development

XRD in Drug Discovery and Development

An overview of how analytical X-ray technology is used in drug discovery and development, to provide high-resolution molecular structures.

How to measure individual grains with Micro-CT

How to Measure Individual Grains/Particles/Fibres with Micro-CT

Using Bruker’s watershed algorithm to separate grain-based materials with X-ray micro-CT – ideal for powders, fibres, geological samples, pharmaceuticals and more.

Fast AFM

Fast AFM with the Bruker Dimension FastScan

How Bruker have accelerated AFM without compromising image quality – with examples of screening, dynamics and surveying an overview of your sample.

Analysing trace metals with TXRF

Analyse Trace Metals in Biological and Medical Samples

Trace element analysis for biopharmaceutical, clinical & life science research eg iron, copper & more.

Micro-CT for Pharmaceuticals & Medical Devices

Webinar: Micro-CT for Pharmaceuticals & Medical Devices

Join Bruker for a webinar about how X-ray micro-CT can be used in the pharmaceutical and medical industries to inspect tablets, medical devices and packaging.

Webinar: Analysing Pharmaceutical and Clinical Samples with TXRF

Join Bruker for a free webinar on Wednesday 21st September 2016 about analysing pharmaceutical and clinical samples with TXRF trace analysis.