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TXRF in Radicals Characterisation

TXRF Trace Analysis in RNR & DOPA Radicals Research: Paper Published in Nature

Stockholm University used TXRF in life science research, publishing an article in Nature entitled “Metal-free ribonucleotide reduction powered by a DOPA radical in Mycoplasma pathogens”.

Ultratrace Element Analysis of Nanoparticles

Analysing nanoparticles with TXRF trace element analysis, with examples and details of experiment set-up.

Circuit contamination analysis

Contamination Control with TXRF – An Economical Alternative to ICP-MS

TXRF is a fast, simple and cost-effective alternative to ICP-MS, a technique commonly used for contamination analysis in laboratories.

Food industry TXRF

Trace Analysis for the Food Industry

Trace Analysis for the Food Industry TXRF (Total Reflection X-Ray Fluorescence spectrometry) delivers multi-element trace analysis, with detection limits in the ppb and ppm range. The technique is extremely flexible and can be used in a variety of industries, including food and beverage analysis. Read on for more specific food industry applications; Blue Scientific is […]

TXRF Roadshow

TXRF Roadshow – Book a live demo in your lab!

TXRF Roadshow – Live Demos We’re taking the S2 PICOFOX on the road, to show you what TXRF (Total Reflection X-Ray Fluorescence spectrometry) analysis can do. During the first week in October (5th-9th October), we’ll be bringing the instrument to labs around the UK, along with an expert applications scientist from Bruker. Book a session now, […]