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In-situ SEM fracture behaviour

Fracture Behaviour: In-Situ SEM of Microbeam Bending

Fracture behaviour of aluminide bond coat – new application note from Hysitron. An in-situ study of microbeam bending.  Contact us about nanomechanical testing  View our range of scientific instruments Fracture Behaviour: In-Situ SEM of Microbeam Bending In this study, the Hysitron PI 85 SEM PicoIndenter was used for in-situ bending tests on microbeams in a PtNiAl bond […]

Add Nanomechanical Testing to your SEM

Add nanomechanical testing capability to your SEM (Scanning Electron Microscopy) with the new Hysitron PI 87xR SEM PicoIndenter. Enhance the capabilities of your tribology or nanoindentation lab with the new depth-sensing nanomechanical testing for SEM attachment. Hysitron’s PI Series SEM PicoIndenter® is a depth-sensing mechanical test system that interfaces with scanning electron microscopes. Perform quantitative nanomechanical […]