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What is 4D STEM?

4D STEM is an electron microscopy technique that captures a full 2D diffraction pattern at each pixel position on a STEM map. Access a wealth of diffraction data with your TEM.

Cathodoluminescence Image

What is Cathodoluminescence? Plus how to add it to your SEM/TEM/STEM

Cathodoluminescence (CL) is a technique for characterising composition, optical and electronic properties with data that correlates with morphology, micro-structure, composition and chemistry at the nanoscale.

EBIC (Electron-Beam Induced Current)

What is EBIC? (Electron-Beam Induced Current)

EBIC (Electron-Beam Induced Current) is a technique for characterising the electrical properties of semiconductor materials & devices. Reveal the subsurface electronic structure and analyse defects.

Biological TEM

Webinar: Imaging Diverse Biological Specimens with TEM/STEM

Webinar about how UC Berkeley Electron Microscope Laboratory used the Gatan Rio camera to image a diverse range of biological sample in a core facility with over 200 users per year.