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Anasys Instruments

Anasys nanoIR3

Nanoscale IR spectroscopy, chemical imaging and property mapping

The Bruker Anasys nanoIR3 is a nanoscale IR spectroscopy, chemical imaging and property mapping system for materials and life science applications.

  • True model-free nanoscale IR absorption spectroscopy
  • 10nm resolution chemical imaging with Tapping AFM-IR
  • High resolution nanoIR spectroscopy in seconds
  • Rich, interpretable IR spectra that correlate directly with FTIR
  • Correlative microscopy with nanoscale property mapping and full-featured AFM

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Bruker Anasys NanoIR3


  • Polymers, thin films & monolayers
  • 2D materials & nano-photonics
  • Semiconductor failure analysis – more info
  • Life science
  • Mechanical property mapping


  • Rich IR spectra that directly correlate to FTIR
  • Correlative microscopy, nanoscale property mapping and full featured AFM
  • Sub-10nm spatial resolution
  • Monolayer sensitivity
  • Fast mapping

HYPERspectra: Spectra in Seconds

Acquire nanoscale FTIR spectra in seconds. HYPERspectra laser technology extends resonance-enhanced AFM-IR to a wider spectroscopic range (including the OH, C-H stretch and N-H stretch regions). This sets new standards of resolution and sensitivity for a range of applications, with direct correlation to FTIR at the nanoscale.

IR Line Profile

Tapping AFM-IR mode: The IR line profile demonstrates <10nm chemical spatial resolution.

Tapping AFM-IR: Sub-10nm Chemical Imaging

Tapping AFM-IR imaging (patent pending) gives you high resolution chemical mapping at a fast speed. This is useful for a range of applications, including chemical composition maps of polymers, multilayer films and tiny, thin contaminants.

AFM-IR Spectra

Study how the IR signal changes at various points, with AFM-IR spectra and IR imaging.

Multi-Modal Imaging: Nanoscale Material Property Mapping

An integrated, full-featured afm adds unique material property mapping capabilities. Use thermal, mechanical
and electrical modes for multi-modal characterisation of materials and biological samples.

POINTspectra: Imaging and Spectroscopy from One Laser

With infrared-based chemical imaging, you can map chemical variations. With PointSpectra, a single laser source is used for both point spectroscopy and chemical imaging. This is ensures accurate correlation, as well as being faster and more cost-effective.

NanoIR: Polymer nano fibres

NanoIR: Polymer nano fibres. Courtesy of John Rabolt et al, University of Delaware.