Polymers and Composite Materials

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Polymer Blends & Composite Materials

Micro-CT in Composite Materials


Paint coating on zinc

  • Characterise coatings with Raman microscopy – more info…

Contaminant Identification

Polymer contaminant identification

Quality and Process Control

Process and quality control

  • Petrochemical quality control with WDXRF (less expensive than EDXRF) – Bruker S2 POLAR

Other Polymer Analysis Applications

Polymer analysis

  • Non-destructive internal imaging of polymer samples – Bruker micro-CT
  • Surface adhesion property mapping with AFM and Bruker’s Ringing Mode eg to investigate polymer necking – more details…

High Resolution Imaging with FEG-SEM

FEG-SEM image of polymer fibres, taken with the Thermo Scientific Phenom Pharos G2, the only desktop FEG-SEM system. Due to the high performance at low acceleration voltage of FEG compared to other SEM electron sources, you can study insulating and beam-sensitive materials without sample preparation. Samples are not damaged by the beam and nanoscale features are clearly visible. More about FEG-SEM…

Polymer fibres.
Polymer fibres