Due to COVID-19, in the interests of safety we’re not currently exhibiting at events in person. However there are plenty of virtual events and webinars coming up, to keep you up to date with the scientific community. We’re also available by phone and email to answer all your queries and for remote support.


1st International Summer School on TXRF (Online)
20-24 September 2021
Learn about the basics and applications of TXRF trace element analysis, with talks from internationally-recognised experts. Registration is free of charge. Our partners Bruker will be holding a sample preparation tutorial on 21st September (Module 7).
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Submicron Simultaneous IR+Raman for Cultural Heritage: New Findings about Van Gogh (Webinar)
Thursday 23rd September 2021, 11am CET
O-PTIR recently uncovered new information about a Van Gogh painting! In this webinar, Dr. Victoria Beltran (University of Antwerp) will discuss her recent groundbreaking publication about O-PTIR for cultural heritage applications. O-PTIR revealed information about the painting where other techniques failed.  
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Atom Probe Tomography and Microscopy (APT&M) 2021
27-29 September 2021
APT&M 2021 is an online conference hosted by PNNL, focused on high-field nanoscience and atom probe microscopy on 27-29 September, followed by CAMECA's Hybrid Atom Probe Tomography User’s meeting on 30th September. Learn about new techniques and technologies to further the use of APT in research and industrial applications.
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Elemental Analysis in the Food Industry: Where to use XRF (Webinar)
Wednesday 29th September, 10am or 4pm CEST
XRF (X-Ray Fluorescence) spectrometry has become a vital tool for elemental analysis in the food industry. It's used to monitor industrial processes for optimal throughput, to enhance product quality and for valuable insights in food research. Bruker's 45 minute webinar will present the applications and benefits of using benchtop XRF in the food industry, with example applications and case studies.
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Using Optical Profiling to Optimise Finishing Steps in Additive Manufacturing (Webinar)
Wednesday 6th October 2021, 7pm CEST
Advanced optical profiling and area roughness parameters can improve the efficiency of finishing steps for additive manufactured and 3D printed parts. Learn how to achieve quality control over a wide range of end product characteristics, such as aesthetics, shininess and wear resistance in this Bruker webinar.
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XRD and XRM Battery Day (Online)
Thursday 7th October 2021, 2:30-5:30pm CEST
Find out how X-ray Diffraction and X-ray Microscopy characterisation techniques are used to optimise the underlying physical and chemical properties of battery components, as well as their performance and stability. This free online event from Bruker will include insights into battery development with in-situ XRD at the LRCS Energy Hub in France, live XRD demonstrations and opportunities to ask questions with Bruker specialists.  
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How to Choose the Best Laser for Raman Analysis (Webinar)
Thursday 7th October 2021
The first of a three-part webinar series from Renishaw to help you get the best from Raman spectroscopy. A large range of lasers are available for Raman; the most effective depends on the application. This webinar will cover the different wavelengths, power and focus types available, with practical examples, as well as troubleshooting and other parameters for the best results.  
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Micro-CT / XRM User Meeting 2021 (Online)
12th – 14th October 2021
Catch up with the micro-CT community, discover how the technique’s being used in life and material science applications and get the latest news about technology and software at Bruker’s user meeting. It’ll be held online, and there are opportunities to present your work.
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Bruker Q4 POLO Metals Analyser Launch Q&A
Thursday 14th October 2021
The new Bruker Q4 POLO is a compact analyser for the metals industry. It offers best-in-class analysis, opening up new applications for a system of this size. Join Bruker for a live Q&A to celebrate the launch, with product and application specialists answering your questions.
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High Resolution Electron Microscopy with the CryoARM/K3 Combo (Webinar)
Thursday 14th October 2021, 5pm CEST
The CryoARM/K3 combination delivers structures at ultra-high resolution for particles of various sizes and symmetries. Following the initial technical achievements, this hardware combination is now being used to provide important biological insights as well. In this Gatan webinar, Alan Merk, Electron Microscopist from NIH, will review structures obtained in the past with the CryoARM/K3 using SerialEM, together with ongoing work with Latitude S and future developments.
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