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Enhance your electron microscopy capabilities with systems from Gatan (now part of AMETEK). Official Nordic distributor (Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Iceland).

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TEM Cameras

Gatan Rio Camera



Direct Detection

Spectroscopy & Analytical Imaging

Gatan Monarc


SEM Detectors & Control


Cathodoluminescence (CL)

STEM Imaging

Serial Block Face SEM

Gatan 3View Example

  • 3View
    Automated sectioning and image capture. Image your samples in 3D with remarkably fine depth resolution

Sample Preparation

Gatan PIPS II System

About Gatan

GatanGatan is the world’s leading manufacturer of instruments and software to enhance and extend the functionality and performance of electron microscopes. Gatan systems are fully compatible with virtually all electron microscopes. They cover the entire research process, from specimen preparation and manipulation to imaging and analysis.

Gatan is now part of AMETEK.

AMETEK is a global leader in electronic instruments and electromechanical devices with colleagues at numerous manufacturing, sales and service locations in the United States and in many other countries around the world.

AMETEK consists of two operating groups: Electronic Instruments and Electromechanical.

Electronic Instruments is a leader in the design and manufacture of advanced instruments for the aerospace, process, power and industrial markets.

Electromechanical is a differentiated supplier of electrical interconnects, precision motion control solutions, specialty metals, thermal management systems and specialty motors.

Why Choose Gatan?

  • Worldwide leader in systems for EM

  • Over 50 years experience

  • Enhance the capabilities of your TEM/SEM
  • Compatible with most microscopes

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