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Geology in Green Energy Research

Elemental & Mineral Analysis

Micro-XRF HyperMap

Multi-Element and Trace Analysis


3D Internal Imaging

Rock cross-section

  • Overview of micro-CT applications in geology and geoscience – Article
    • Porosity
    • Micro-structure
    • Composition
  • Benchtop micro-CT scanner for large, heavy objects eg drill cores: Bruker SkyScan 1273
  • Webinar: Micro-CT in geosciences – Watch a recording
  • Dynamic process imaging using 4D micro-CT eg weathering, movement of fluids, crystallisation – Article
  • How to select complex ROIs – Article
  • How to measure individual grains/particles – Article

NanoSIMS in Geology

  • Geochronology with LG-SIMS – The Swedish Museum of Natural History used LG-SIMS to date rock samples from India with a new technique, when their standard method of geochronology didn’t work – here’s the full story…

Watch CAMECA’s 13 minute video for an overview of nanoSIMS applications in geology, from mining to Li battery development: