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Product Updates, Scientific Papers and Events

Bruker has introduced their new CellHesion® 300

Bruker has recently introduced their new CellHesion® 300, a technique for nanomechanical characterisation of biological samples and soft matter. It enables: Fast and easy characterisation of the structure  Morphology and biomechanical properties Quantification of cell-cell Cell-substrate interactions. CellHesion has marked a milestone in automation, ease of use and integration with optical microscopy for life science […]

Bruker have announced their new NanoWizard V NanoScience

Bruker have announced their new NanoWizard V NanoScience! The latest addition to the Bruker AFM family, the NanoWizard V NanoScience AFM enables the real-time investigation of dynamic structural changes and processes such as: Crystalization Growth  Melting  Domain building on samples ranging from polymers to solar cells Learn more: https://www.bruker.com/en/products-and-solutions/microscopes/materials-afm/jpk-nanowizard-v-nanoscience.html?utm_source=Act-on&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=2022+BioAFM+NW+V+NanoScience+Emailer

Gatan has shared their latest experiment!

Acquiring counted 4D STEM with the Gatan Metro Camera! Gatan has run their first experiment on the new Metro™ counting camera. This is a great tool for capturing 4D STEM data due to its low noise, size and speed. In this experiment they showed 4D STEM data from a BN sample, captured in 33 seconds […]

Thermo Fisher Scientific announce new infographic

Combine the power of SEM and XPS with the CISA Workflow! The Thermo Scientific™ CISA Workflow allows you to accurately add chemical information with high resolution from XPS to the structural information from the microscope. Utilising the CISA Workflow is beneficial to materials scientists who research a wide range of materials, including: Batteries Polymers Catalysts […]

Photothermal Spectroscopy Corp announce new product

Photothermal Spectroscopy Corp announce their new mIRage-LS sub-500nm IR spectroscopy system This new product combines Raman and co-located Fluorescence Microscopy with sub-micron IR in a single platform. It uniquely combines the benefits of fluorescence microscopy to support fast, easy targeting of molecular features of interest with sub-micron IR spectroscopy to characterise the molecular structure of […]

New advances in infrared spectroscopy

New advances in infrared spectroscopy offer improved spatial resolution, say researchers Three research papers exploring the use of infrared spectroscopy, both through label-free mid-infrared spectroscopic imaging (MIRSI) and optical photothermal infrared (O-PTIR) spectroscopy, have led to exciting advances in their fields.  The research establishes the potential for these advanced techniques to investigate bone composition with […]

Using Micro-XRF Mapping in Earth Exploration

Micro-XRF is an analysis technique frequently used for geology applications such as analysing rocks and minerals, elemental mapping, material characterisation, sedimentology and many others. Micro-XRF utilises X-rays to analyse materials quickly and on a tiny scale which is then used to create an image, known as an elemental distribution map, to highlight specific samples. In […]

Comparing Desktop SEMs to Traditional Electron Microscopes

Scanning electron microscopy is an essential imaging tool for materials science and life sciences, with applications in virtually every field of research. Yet the cost of a conventional scanning electron microscope (SEM) can often be prohibitive. Space requirements can also be difficult to reconcile considering a full-scale SEM might weigh several hundred kilograms with a […]

How Does Micro XRF Work?

Micro X-ray fluorescence, sometimes stylized as µXRF but more often referred to as micro XRF is a powerful analytical tool with a wide range of practical applications. It is an extremely versatile spectroscopic method ideal for elemental composition analysis and highly visual elemental surface mapping. But how does micro XRF actually work? In this post, […]

What is AFM-IR?

AFM-IR is an analytical technique that can produce extremely high-resolution images of a sample surface, and it is commonly used to identify unknown substances by nanoscale chemical characterization. AFM-IR, its full name being atomic force microscope-infrared spectroscopy, is carried out using atomic force microscopy and infrared spectroscopy. Throughout this post, we will look in detail […]