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Bruker Dektak XT

Bruker Fluorescence Microscopes

Bruker Dektak XT

Stylus Profiler

The Bruker Dektak XT™ stylus profiler has a revolutionary design for unmatched repeatability of four angstroms (4Å) and up to 40% improved scanning speeds.

This major milestone in stylus profiler performance is the result of 40 years of Dektak brand innovation from Bruker. Perform nanometre-level film, step and surface measurements for research in the fields of microelectronics, semiconductors, solar energy, high-brightness LEDs, medicine, and materials science.

  • Unmatched performance
    • 4Å repeatability and industry-leading accuracy
    • Single-arch design for breakthrough scan stability
    • Leading-edge “smart electronics” achieve new low noise benchmark
    • New hardware configuration for 40% faster data collection than previous generations
    • 10 times faster data analysis software
  • Efficient and easy to use
    • Intuitive software
    • Effortless tip exchange with self-aligning styli
  • Incomparable value from the world leader in stylus profilers
    • Premier Bruker performance in an affordable package
    • Single sensor design incorporates low force and extended range in a single platform

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Bruker Dektak XT



  • Microelectronics
  • Semiconductors, thin films and solar energy
  • High-brightness LEDs
  • Medical
  • Materials science


  • Unmatched performance
  • Repeatable measurements
  • Fast data collection and analysis
  • Easy to use


Thin Film Stylus Profiling

Thin Films

Save time and money in semiconductor manufacturing by monitoring thin film stress, deposition and etch rate uniformity. Non-uniform layers or too much stress in thin films can result in disappointing yields and inferior end product performance. Verify the thickness of thin films across the wafer surface at nanometer scale with the Bruker Dektak XT, with automated multi-site measurement routines. With unmatched repeatability, film thickness and accurate stress measurements can be used to optimise etch and deposition processes, to improve yield.

Solar Panel Trace Analysis

Solar Panel Trace Analysis

The Bruker Dektak is widely used in the solar industry as as the preferred solution for measuring the critical dimensions of silver traces (streets), the conductive lines found on mono and poly crystalline solar panels. The width, height and continuity of the silver traces affects a solar cell’s capacity to conduct energy. Ideally, in solar panel production, the correct amount of silver paste for optimum conductivity is applied, without expensive excess. The Bruker Dektak XT features a trace analysis routine that reports a street’s critical dimensions, verifying that exactly the correct amount for conductivity has been applied. The verification process is automated, using Data Analyser recipes and automation functions in the software.

Surface roughness verification

Surface Roughness Verification

The Bruker Dektak XT is ideal for routine qualification of surface roughness on precision machined parts in a range of industries, including automotive, aerospace and medical devices. For example, the roughness of hydroxyapatite coating on the reverse of orthopedic implants affects its adhesive properties and how well the implant works in use. With one quick measurement, the Dektak XT checks the rough surface to confirm if sufficient crystalline growth has been achieved and whether the implant should pass production requirements. The software uses a Vision64 database with pass/fail criteria, so quality assurance personnel can easily ensure end product quality, and locate implants that require more work.



The Bruker Dektak is the only stylus profiler that can measure large vertical features of sensitive materials (up to 1mm tall) with angstrom-level repeatability. It is used in the MEMS and microfluidics industries for critical measurements to verify that parts meet product specifications. The low force measurement capability, known as NLite+, applies a light touch to sensitive materials to precisely measure vertical steps and roughness, without damaging the delicate surface.

Technical Details

Bruker is a world leading manufacturer of stylus profilers , with over 40 years experience. The Dektak XT features a number of unique features and industry firsts, including:

  • Unique single-arch design and smart electronics for unmatched repeatability and performance.
  • HD true colour camera for enhanced image resolution and clarity.
  • 64-bit parallel processing software architecture.

Bruker Dektak XT measuring a silicon wafer

Bruker Dektak XT stylus tip measuring a silicon wafer

Unmatched Performance – Better than 4Å Repeatability

The innovative single-arch design delivers breakthrough platform stability. In addition, “smart electronics” establish a new low-noise benchmark for stylus profiling. Finally, the Dektak XT’s new hardware configuration shortens collection times by 40% compared to previous models.

Efficient and Easy to Use

Bruker’s intuitive Vision64™ software simplifies workflows,  making this stylus profiler easier to use, even for for advanced analysis. Tip exchange is easy, with self-aligning styli, and the profiler’s single sensor design opens up the widest range of capabilities in a single platform.

Incomparable Value

Benefit from premier performance from a world leader in stylus profilers, in an affordable package. A full complement of accessories is available for your specific application, and to extend the system’s capabilities.

Bruker Dektak XT tip exchange

Easy tip exchange