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Bruker M1 ORA

Bruker Micro XRF

Bruker M1 ORA Micro-XRF

Compact Tabletop Analyser for Layers and Coatings Analysis, Jewellery, Precious Metals and Coins

The Bruker M1 ORA is ideal for non-destructive micro-XRF composition analysis of coatings, layers, jewellery, precious metals and coins – especially in situations where space is limited.

The M1 ORA is very easy-to-use, requiring only a short introductory training session, before users can generate reliable information on precious metal content within minutes. Elements with concentrations greater than 0.05 % can be analysed.

  • Non-destructive elemental analysis
  • Easy to use
  • Small footprint
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Bruker M1 ORA Micro XRF

Analytical Applications

  • Layers and coatings
  • Precious metals
  • Jewellery and coins


  • Easy to use
  • Compact size
  • Fast, reliable results

Layer analysis with Bruker micro XRF

Analysing Coatings / Layers

Coating thickness and layer composition analysis of  even the most complex layers:

Coatings for metal finishing (corrosion protection, chromium plating)

  • Valves and accessories
  • Automotive parts

Functional coatings

  • Electric contacts
  • Active catalyst layers
  • Microelectronics

Decorative layers

  • Jewellery
  • Consumer goods

Jewellery analysis

Analysing Jewellery

Micro-X-ray fluorescence is a very good option for the analysis of jewellery samples, because the sample remains undamaged. All elements are detected simultaneously, delivering complete characterisation of the material – even unexpected elements. The small spot size can analyse rough surfaces, irregular and inhomogeneous  samples. Although not as accurate as fire assay, micro XRF is non-destructive, faster and does not generate toxic waste, and the results are more than sufficient for quality control in jewellery manufacturing, screening unknown samples and trace detection down to ppm-range.