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NanoWizard NanoOptics AFM

Bruker JPK

NanoWizard NanoOptics

For combined AFM with optical spectroscopy

The Bruker JPK NanoWizard NanoOptics is a system for advanced experiments combining AFM with optical spectroscopy eg TERS, Aperture SNOM and sSNOM, confocal microscopy and nanomanipulation in optical fields.

  • Two versions of the head are available:
    • UV transparency version for top view sample illumination by UV-light
    • Fibre port version for fibre SNOM
  • Perform long term experiments with minimal drift and high stability
  • Closed-loop scanning in up to 6 axes  (3 by tip and 3 by sample)
  • No cross talk with other wavelengths, with a 980nm laser source for detecting cantilever deflection
  • Filter sets for blocking and cleaning inside
    • Plus versions for 2-photon microscopy
  • Compatible with most inverted microscopes, Raman spectrometers and photon counting systems
  • Optional module for independent vertical focus positioning
  • Coverslip-based sample holders for air, inert gases, liquid and electrical connections
  • Flexible SPM controller with a wide range of signal channels and Q-control
  • Wide choice of modes and accessories, including Tuning Fork, STM, Conductive AFM, Fiber SNOM, Raman Reflector Kit, SECM option and fibre-coupled detection module

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Bruker JPK NanoWizard NanoOptics AFM

JPK NanoWizard NanoOptics Diagram

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  • Optical near-field experiments – including SNOM and sSNOM
  • Raman, TERS, BioTERS
  • Advanced Fluorescence techniques
  • TCSPC (Time Correlated Single Photon Counting)


  • Combine techniques for new insights
  • Integrates seamlessly with inverted microscopes, Raman spectrometers and photon counting systems
  • Wide range of modes and accessories

Optical Near-Field Experiments

Aperture Fibre SNOM

A fibre SNOM port is integrated into the NanoWizard NanoOptics head and the Tuning Fork module, making it easy to combine these methods.

Scattering-Type SNOM (sSNOM)

Take advantage of tip-enhanced applications including fluorescence, with nano-antennas made of nanofabricated or chemically modified tips. Instead of cantilever-based optical probes, STM tips can be used with the new Scanning Tunnelling Microscopy (STM) module.

Nanomanipulation in Optical Fields

Study the optical surface properties of dyes and markers, quantum dots/rods or metamaterials such as quenching or plasmon generation in combination with topography, nanomechanical, electrical and magnetic properties.

The symmetrical stage and head, together with closed-loop scanner technology in a 5- or 6-axis configuration make the system extremely stable in the long term stability, with highly reproducible results.

JPK NanoWizard NanoOptics

Fibre-coupled detection unit on a Leica microscope side port

Raman/TERS/BioTERS Experiments

The NanoWizard NanoOptics is ideal for combining AFM and Raman spectroscopy, including the Renishaw inVia. Correlate information, without compromising the performance or capabilities of either technique. This gives you:

  • Chemical information from Raman
  • Surface properties from AFM

The AFM tip and sample position are synchronised with the recording of the Raman signal recording for perfectly correlated data.

There are filters to suppress cross-talk between the AFM and the Raman signal.

JPK NanoWizard & Renishaw inVia Raman

NanoWizard NanoOptics set up with the Renishaw inVia Raman microscope

TERS mapping on human colon cancer cells

TERS mapping on fixed single human colon cancer cells (HT29 in liquid). From: M. Richter, M. Hedegaard, T. Deckert-Gaudig, P. Lampen, V. Deckert: “Laterally resolved and direct spectroscopic evidence of nanometer-sized lipid and protein domains on a single cell”, Small 7(2): 209 (2011).

Advanced Fluorescence and TCSPC

Complementary techniques and optical methods provide extra insights into the behaviour and location of particular features. It is now possible to routinely combine these with AFM imaging and force measurements on the same sample spot – simultaneously.

  • Epi-fluorescence
  • Confocal laser scanning microscopy
  • TIRF,
  • FRET
  • FCS
  • FLIM
  • FRAP
  • PALM
  • STED
  • Spinning disc
  • …and more


Simultaneous AFM and FLIM on nanoparticles. Scan size 800nm². 1: 3D height information with fluorescence signal overlaid in green. 2: Lifetime signal.