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JPK ForceRobot 300

Bruker JPK

ForceRobot 300

Automated force spectroscopy for single molecules

The Bruker JPK ForceRobot 300 is a fully automated force spectroscope for studying molecular interactions at the nanoscale. It’s a label-free, sensitive technique – characterise the unfolding forces of single proteins and molecular bonds.

  • Fully automated – including alignment and drift compensation
  • Combine force spectroscopy mapping with single molecule fluorescence
  • Powerful software with experiment design and data batch processing modules
  • Molecular recognition mapping
  • Compatible with JPK’s Vortis controller

Single molecule force spectroscopy has traditionally been laborious and complex. By automating alignment, calibration and routine procedures, the procedure does not require as much of your attention, with considerably improved data output.

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JPK ForceRobot


  • Protein folding and receptor-ligand interactions
  • Macromolecule adhesion forces in surface chemistry and polymers
  • Elastic response and DNA melting
  • Single molecule mechanical properties, eg muscle proteins, synthetic biopolymers, carbohydrates and spider silk protein
  • Small molecule binding on proteins eg inhibitors on membrane proteins
  • Quantification of kinetics, affinity and energy landscapes of biological interactions
  • Colloidal probe and nanoindentation


  • Fully automated – making force spectroscopy easier
  • Dedicated system for higher data output
  • Overlay results with single molecule fluorescence
  • Faster time-to-results

Filamin unfolding

Force spectroscopy curve of ddFLN filamin unfolding, with WLC fits including contour length, persistence length, fit quality, breaking force and loading rate. Multiple events are automatically recognised, fit and generated for export using batch processing. Courtesy or M.Rief, TU M√ľnchen.

Faster Force Spectroscopy

To interpret force spectroscopy data, you need a large number of reproducible data sets. ForceRobot speeds up this process and makes it a much more practical, viable technique for your lab.

Routine procedures are automated, with intelligent software for experiment design, data acquisition and evaluation. Tens of thousands of force curves can be generated in a matter of hours, while the system runs attended – saving you time. Force curves without events are filtered out automatically before processing.

Data Quality

As a dedicated system, the JPK ForceRobot has features to provide you with as much data as possible, with the highest quality:

  • Low electronic noise floor
  • Rigid mechanical design
  • High accuracy and stability, with integrated capacitive position sensors
  • Symmetric design to minimise drift
  • High sensitivity and detection bandwidth to detect small variations in force curves
  • High sampling rate and virtually unlimited data points per curve
Recognition map

Recognition map on a protein-covered surface,