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JPK NanoTracker 2

Bruker JPK

NanoTracker 2

Optical tweezers / trap for quantitative force measurements

The Bruker JPK NanoTracker 2 is an optical tweezers system for research-grade inverted optical microscopes, for manipulation, force and tracking experiments.

  • 3D force measurements with femto-Newton sensitivity and sub-nm precision
  • Trap and track particles from several ┬Ám down to 30nm
  • Control, manipulate and observe samples in real time
  • Simultaneous fluorescence imaging
  • Class 1 laser certified
  • Modular system for applications from single-molecules to living cells

With the NanoTracker you can measure particle/cell interactions and collect data about single molecule mechanics. You can also determine the mechanical characteristics including adhesion, elasticity and stiffness of single molecules. More info…

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JPK NanoTracker Optical Tweezers


  • Single molecules and biopolymers
  • Protein-DNA binding
  • Cell biology
  • Membranes and cell mechanics
  • Cell-particle interaction and infection studies


  • Femto-Newton sensitivity and sub-nm precision
  • Accurate measurements with low noise levels
  • Simultaneous fluorescence imaging
  • Modular for a wide range of applications


Single Molecules and Biopolymers

  • Intra-molecular elasticity and protein folding dynamics
  • Motor protein tracking
  • DNA/RNA mechanics
  • Protein-DNA binding
  • Nanopores and 3D polymer networks

Cell Biology

  • Membrane organisation (eg lipid rafts)
  • Trans-membrane processes and trafficking
  • Intracellular forces
  • Receptor-ligand experiments
  • Cell mechanics and cell motility
  • Membrane tether dynamics
  • Cell and gel micro-rheology

Cell-Particle Interaction and Infection

  • Tracking pathogen-host interaction and escape forces
  • Bacterial and virus adhesion forces
  • Local gene and drug delivery
  • Entrance mechanisms
  • Nanotoxicity and endocytosis

Advanced Measurements

  • Complex optical trap geometries
  • Optical guiding and artificial crystal building
  • Local field enhancement and Raman/SERS applications
  • Brownian motion tracking, Photonic Force Microscopy (PFM)
  • Colloidal and polymer meshworks force probing
  • Video particle tracking and optical spectroscopy

Optical Trap Example

1: Cell membrane pulled by an optically trapped protein-coated bead. 2: Force versus distance plot.

Technical Details

The Bruker JPK NanoTracker 2 is capable of detecting the smallest forces and manipulating particles and molecules with the highest precision. Noise levels are extremely low, with laser stabilisation and specially designed detection electronics in the head. The compact folded design of the laser beam path minimises drift.

Flexible Options

There are various options to suit your applications:

  • Double-beam configurations
  • Multi-beam configurations
  • Combined solutions for coarse and extra precise sample positioning
  • Various beam steering options
    • Including pivot-point piezo-driven mirrors and fast acousto-optic deflectors (AODs)

Freedom of Movement

The traps can be steered individually through the sample in 3D. Sample positioning can be controlled precisely, with the additional option of a closed-loop piezo sample stage. The laser power of each trap can be controlled independently.

This freedom opens up the potential for a wide range of experimental assays and geometries.

JPK Optical Tweezers