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Bruker Contour GT-X

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Bruker Contour GT-X

Self-Calibrating, Fully Automated, Gage-Capable Metrology

The fully automated, large-sample Bruker ContourGT-X 3D Optical Microscope combines:

  • Unmatched measurement capabilities
  • Highest vertical resolution
  • Largest field of view in the industry

Designed for demanding R&D, quality assurance and process quality control measurements, this flagship of the Bruker ContourGT product line is the ultimate gage-capable 3D optical microscopy solution.

The system incorporates Bruker’s patented tip/tilt head, patented self-calibrating laser reference, integrated pattern recognition and a number of other proprietary interferometry innovations. No other metrology system can provide the non-contact accuracy, throughput and operator convenience for such a wide range of production metrology and imaging applications.

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Bruker Contour GT-X


Automated wafer analysis using the Contour GT-X


  • Production metrology
  • Imaging


  • Accurate and robust
  • Fast and easy nanometre-scale measurements
  • Comprehensive library of filters and customisable analysis options

Robust, Production Gage Performance

Bruker’s exclusive interferometry technology provides unmatched measurement and imaging capabilities. The ContourGT-X is also equipped with a proprietary internal laser reference and a custom-designed industrial cabinet for maximum stability and robustness. The automation-ready configuration includes everything required for rapid optimisation for almost any production environment, from an air table stabiliser kit for enhanced X, Y, Z wafer placement accuracy, to optimisation of PDU, EMO and vacuum systems for integration and modified vacuum chucks for autoloader end-effector compatibility.

  • Unique metrology sensor design with patented dual-LED light source
  • Self-calibrating, metrology optimising laser reference
  • Integral vibration-isolation floor-mount cabinet
  • Fully automated focus, intensity, tip/tilt head, staging and FOV
  • Nanometre-scale resolution on high-contour surfaces
  • Streamlined, customisable production interface
  • Real-time automated measurement optimisation
  • Extensive library of filters and customisable analysis options