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Bruker ContourX-100


Streamlined, affordable 3D optical profilometer

The Bruker ContourX-100 is a benchtop 3D Optical Profiler for roughness metrology. Benefit from accurate, repeatable non-contact surface metrology at a best-in-class price point.

  • Uncompromised 2D/3D high resolution measurements.
  • Streamlined package offering best-in-class value.
  • Based on decades of proprietary Bruker WLI (White Light Interferometry) innovation.
  • Gage-capable benchtop system.
  • Extensive library of pre-programmed filters and analyses.

Next-Generation Improvements

  • New 5 MP camera
  • Updated stage
  • New measurement modes¬†¬†

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Bruker ContourX-100


  • Precision machined surfaces
  • Thick films
  • Tribology


  • Best value, streamlined system.
  • Easy-to-use software interfact.
  • Pre-programmed filters and analyses.
  • Based on established technology.

Established Metrology Technology

The ContourX series of 3D optical profilers is the culmination of over four decades of proprietary optical innovation and industry leadership in non-contact surface metrology, characterisation and imaging. The system uses 3D WLI (White Light Interferometry) and 2D imaging technology to perform multiple analyses in a single acquisition.

ContourX-100 is robust in all surface situations from 0.05% to 100% reflectivity.

WLI offers the best vertical resolution for all objectives.

Easy to Use – Ideal for Multi-User Environments

The ContourX-100 is optimised for productivity in labs and on factory floors. Thousands of customised analyses are provided for precision machined surfaces, thick films and tribology applications. These are accessible through the new, intuitive VisionXpress interface. Ideal for multi-user environments, it simplifies the workflow while still providing access to the full power of Bruker’s award-winning Vision64 analytical software.

Both hardware and software are designed to deliver streamlined access to high-throughput optical performance, unmatched by alternative metrology technologies.