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Bruker ContourX-200


Flexible, benchtop 3D optical profiler for surface texture metrology

The Bruker ContourX-200 is an easy-to-use 3D Optical Profilometer for accurate, repeatable non-contact 3D surface metrology.

  • Gage-capable, small footprint system
  • 2D/3D high-resolution measurement
  • Large field-of-view 5 MP digital camera
  • Motorised XY stage
  • Flexible system with customisable options

The system is easy to use, with a new VisionXpress software interface and an extensive library of pre-programmed filters and analyses.

The ContourX-200 delivers unmatched Z-axis resolution and accuracy. Benefit from all the industry-recognised advantages of Bruker’s proprietary WLI (White Light Interferometry) technology, which overcomes the limitations of conventional confocal microscopes and standard optical profilers.

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Bruker ContourX-200


  • Precision machined surfaces
  • Thick films
  • Semiconductors
  • Ophthalmic and medical devices
  • MEMS
  • Tribology


  • Flexible 3D optical profiler
  • Fast, accurate and high resolution
  • Easy to use software
  • 5 MP camera with large field of view
  • New, motorised XY stage

Best-in-Class Metrology

The Bruker ContourX-200 optical profilometer combines low noise, high speed, accuracy and precision to deliver optimal results in quantitative metrology. The optical performance of WLI, developed over four decades, completely outclasses comparable metrology techniques.

Using multiple objectives and integrated feature recognition, you can track features over multiple fields of view and at sub-nanometer vertical resolution. This gives you scale-independent results for quality control and process monitoring in a variety of industries.

The ContourX-200 is robust in all surface situations from 0.05% to 100% reflectivity.

Flexible and High Throughput

Thousands of customised analyses are included for both labs and factory floors. Measure a wide range of samples with the new, larger field of view camera and the new, motorised XY stage, which also helps increase throughput.