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CAMECA EX-300 Shallow Probe

EX-300 Shallow Probe

LEXES-based semiconductor compositional metrology system

The CAMECA EX-300 Shallow Probe is a front-end semiconductor compositional metrology system for 22nm node and beyond. It’s installed at top-ten semiconductor fabrication facilities worldwide.

The EX-300 uses LEXES (Low energy Electron induced X-ray Emission Spectrometry) technology to measure chemical composition at the surface and near surface. A single system controls both composition and thickness, all kinds of stacks (mono or bi-layer, with/without capping) as well as production and blanket wafers.

  • Ultra shallow implants – Monitor low energy, high concentration implants.
  • Strained silicon process control – Measure chemical composition and thickness of epitaxial layers (eg B:SiGe and P:SiC) with no limits on layer composition.
  • HKMG metrology – Control both the oxides and metal with a single EX-300.

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CAMECA EX-300 Shallow Probe


  • Semiconductors
  • Logic and memory devices
  • Ultra shallow implants
  • Strained silicon process control
  • HKMG (High-K Metal Gate) metrology 
  • Patterned wafers down to 30×30µm pads.


  • Accelerate time-to-market for devices.
  • Increase yield in high volume production.
  • Long-term stability and excellent vacuum limit.
  • Reliable factory automation and high uptime.
  • Non-destructive.
  • No sample preparation.

Wafer - LEXES


  • Robust, flexible pattern recognition
    • Optimised light source & optics
    • Zooming capabilities
  • Small pad analysis (30×30μm)
    • Non-contact
    • Non-destructive
    • High brightness LaB6 gun
    • Dense, highly focussed probe
  • Optimised MTTR (mean time to recovery)
    • Ergonomic design for fast maintenance
  • Ultimate long-term stability
    • Optimised pumping system
    • Define parameters to monitor automatically

Accelerate Time-to-Market

Bring logic and memory devices to market sooner:

  • Control your front-end processes: HKMG, SiGe(B), SiC(P), implants.
  • Select key process parameters during device development.
  • Shorter ramping phase to enter mass production faster.

Save Money

Increase yield in high volume production:

  • Catch process excursions with early measurement on wafer products.
  • Save weeks of production output.
  • Reduce product loss.

N10/N7 ultra-thin diffusion layers (BSG, PSG)