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Ion microprobe for geochronology

The CAMECA KLEORA is a large geometry SIMS system for advanced U-Th-Pb mineral dating.

Based on Established Technology

KLEORA is based on CAMECA’s IMS 1300-HR³ large geometry ion microprobe. The system has been fully optimised for geochronology with just the features you need for mineral dating. Just like the IMS 1300-HR³, the system gives you High Reproducibility, High spatial Resolution and High mass Resolution. It can be upgraded to the full IMS 1300-HR³ at any time.

All Areas of Geochronology

The full range of geochronological applications is covered, from precise age determination of zircon to dating of other U-rich minerals such as rutile or baddeleyite.

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Dating minerals with the CAMECA KLEORA


  • Geochronology


  • Optimised specifically for mineral dating
  • High precision isotopic measurements
  • Spot analysis, imaging and depth profiling
  • High throughput

Standard Configuration

KLEORA can be upgraded to the full IMS 1300-HR³ at any time.

KLEORA Compared to IMS 1300-HR3


  • Benchmark precision: Better than 0.3% (2σ) for age precision in 91500 standard zircon.
  • High through-put: Around 5 analyses per hour for U-Pb spot
    testing. Automated features for unattended operation.
  • High lateral resolution: Small spot size with high beam density – tens of micron beam size with > 100 mA/cm2 density, down to 0.5μm with > 10 mA/cm2
  • Sub-micron lateral resolution for microscope mode, and better than 0.5μm for scanning ion imaging
  • Optimized depth profiling with high sputtering rate, excellent
    sensitivity and dynamic range
  • Easy to use with PC-controlled sample changing and height
  • Dedicated geochronology software including data reduction, imaging and data processing
  • Fast installation typically commissioned in <6 weeks, arriving pre-tuned from the factory
  • Low running costs with limited consumables and low-maintenance RF-plasma source
  • Geochronology standard samples included

Zircon Dating with Ion Imaging

Top: Pb and Ti scanning ion images.
Bottom: The 207Pb/206Pb ratio image reveals a surprising μm-scale patchy Pb ratio distribution (Pb/Pb ages for ellipse areas in Ma).
Data from M.A. Kusiak et al., Geology (2013)