Charitable Donations

Charitable Donations

We are committed to giving back to the community and STEM:

  • We’ve donated to Sandbach United Eagles U15 football team.
  • We’re supporting a scientist doing their PhD in Cambridge, through CSAR (Cambridge Society for the Application of Research).
  • BlueScientific are official sponsors of the Infrared and Raman Discussion Group, helping students to attend IRDG events. The group aims to share knowledge about infrared and Raman spectroscopy for the advancement of science, with deliberately low membership fees so that finances are not a barrier to joining.

Cancer Research Shine Night Walk 2019

Our Director Tom Warwick took part in Shine Night Walk in London on 21st September 2019, a 26 mile marathon walk to raise money for Cancer Research UK. He raised £730 (over £800 with GiftAid included!).

Shine Night Walk