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Webinar: Advances in Bone Tissue and Bone-Biomaterial Interface Characterization

Join Photothermal Spectroscopy Corp and Prof Håvard J. Haugen and Dr Mustafa Kansiz in their latest webinar. In which they discuss how cutting edge analytical tools, including the breakthrough technique of Optical Photothermal Infrared (O-PTIR) spectroscopy is being used to characterise the biochemical structure of bone tissue and the bone-biomaterial interface in a new generation of […]

Online Seminar: Rapid Analysis of Mineral Nutrients with XRF

Hosted by Bruker, this seminar includes experts that will explain what XRF (X-ray Fluorescence) can do for you. In two live-from-the-lab sessions, Bruker will show how to operate their spectrometers and provide valuable tips and tricks regarding sample preparation and handling.

Live Workshop: Submicron IR & Simultaneous Raman for Biomedical Applications

Hosted by Photothermal Spectroscopy Corp, the SPEC2022 (12th Int. Conf. Clinical Spectroscopy) conference industry workshop will be taking place on Sunday, June 19 2:30pm – 4:30pm.

Synchrotron Data Reduction with Bruker Software Suites

Join Bruker in their newest SC-XRD webinar about synchrotron data reduction with Bruker software suites. This webinar will demonstrate how the Bruker software suits APEX4 and PROTEUM3 can help you process the challenging synchrotron data sets. As well as becoming more efficient processing data from twinned or intergrown samples.

Stylus Profiling Metrology for Soft Matter

Join Bruker for a stylus profilometry webinar about measuring film thickness and depth in flexible electronic and microfluidic devices. The presentation will include evidence of how advanced stylus profiling extends to fragile surfaces such as PEDOT:PSS photovoltaic materials, PDMS microfluidic channels or amorphous-indium-gallium-zinc-oxide (IGZO) transistors. A successful solution relies on precise and low controlled force […]

Correlative Sub-micron IR and X-Ray Fluorescence for Molecular and Elemental Imaging of Neurons (Webinar)

This webinar from Photothermal Spectroscopy Corp will feature special guest Prof. Oxana Klementieva of Lund University, Sweden. There’ll be an introduction to sub-micron infrared and the breakthrough technique of O-PTIR and simultaneous Raman (IR+Raman) microscopy. Find out how sub-micron IR can be combined with synchrotron XRF for direct molecular and elemental imaging of neurons. Results […]

Understand your Steel with Automated Inclusion Analysis (Webinar)

SEM/EDX is on the way to becoming the new standard for steel inclusion analysis. Traditionally metallurgists would use a room-filling SEM, however now many choose an easy-to-use desktop SEM. Join Thermo Scientific for a live demo on the Phenom ParticleX Steel to learn about this leading technology. Part of a webinar series about particle analysis […]

Raman Microscopy Demonstration (Webinar)

See a demonstration of Raman microscopy with the Renishaw InVia, including instrument configuration, switching lasers, how objective lenses affect results, broad range spectra, adjusting spatial resolution and confocality, Raman maps and images. The webinar will run twice, on Tuesday 7th December at 8pm CEST and Thursday 9th December 2021 at 3pm CEST.

Demonstration: How to use a Raman Microscope (Online)

A demonstration on the Renishaw inVia confocal Raman microscope, covering instrument configuration, laser switching, objective lenses, broad-range spectra, adjusting spatial resolution and confocality to get the best results and how single measurements can be extended to build maps/images and reveal spatial information. Tuesday 7th December 2021, 8pm CET Thursday 9th December 2021, 3pm CET  

One Tool for Complete AM Powder Characterisation (Webinar)

Characterising a powder for additive manufacturing can be a laborious, multi-step process. Information about the powder granulometry and chemical composition is critical to the print quality – did you know that an electron microscope can provide you both at the same time? Learn more about how desktop SEM is used in additive manufacturing to characterise […]