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New Bruker Webinar: AFM Imaging and Beyond – A Practical Guide to AFM Modes for Materials Research

 Expand your research capabilities with AFM modes! Bruker have released a new webinar to hear AFM experts review modes ranging from the foundational to the specialised, and their uses in innovative research. As well as including case studies in polymer, battery, semiconductor, and 2D materials research. If you are interested in topographical mapping, nanofabrication, or […]

Bruker Seminars: Production of High-Performance Cement at Lowest Costs enabled by Latest Analytical Technology

New Bruker Seminars: Production of High-Performance Cement at Lowest Costs enabled by Latest Analytical Technology. Bruker is hosting two live seminars on the 14th December at 9AM (CET) and 4PM (CET), where their experts will explain what XRF and XRD can do for you! In two live-from-the-lab sessions, they will show how to operate their […]

Registration for the 2022 Christmas Meeting (228th IRDG) is open!

The Infrared and Raman Discussion Group Christmas 2022 Meeting now has their registration now open! The 228th IRDG meeting will be held on Monday 19th December 2022 at the University College London in the Wilkins Old Refectory. Registration closes on the 12th December, make sure you register soon to guarantee a space!  

Analysis of battery cathode materials

Watch Thermo Fisher Scientific latest educational webinars. They highlighted analytical techniques such as mass spectrometry and electron microscopy, and their benefits for battery material and structural analysis.

Electron Microscopy Day-Bristol

Join Blue Scientific and Thermo Fisher Scientific for Electron Microscopy Day on the 29th September in Bristol Our insightful event includes an opportunity to watch a demo of the Phenom XL G2 and see a live SEM in action!  As well as hearing from leading academic and industrial users and how they use the instruments […]

Electron Microscopy Day-Manchester

Join BlueScientific in partnership with Thermo Fisher Scientific for Electron Microscopy Day on the 27th September. This event in Manchester, offers insights from leading academic and industrial users of our electron microscopes, as well as explanations for how to use these instruments across a wide variety of applications to get the best results.

Webinar: Joint EELS-EDS Spectrum Imaging

Gatan discusses the instrumentation needed for efficient join EELS-EDS spectrum imagine acquisition in the scanning transmission electron microscope (STEM)

Webinar: Single bacterial cell characterization

Join Photothermal Spectroscopy in their latest webinar with Dr. Cassio Lima and Dr. Mustafa Kansiz as they introduce submicron O-PTIR and simultaneous Raman (IR+Raman) microscopy and delve into its applications.

Webinar: Advances in Bone Tissue and Bone-Biomaterial Interface Characterization

Join Photothermal Spectroscopy Corp and Prof Håvard J. Haugen and Dr Mustafa Kansiz in their latest webinar. In which they discuss how cutting edge analytical tools, including the breakthrough technique of Optical Photothermal Infrared (O-PTIR) spectroscopy is being used to characterise the biochemical structure of bone tissue and the bone-biomaterial interface in a new generation of […]

Online Seminar: Rapid Analysis of Mineral Nutrients with XRF

Hosted by Bruker, this seminar includes experts that will explain what XRF (X-ray Fluorescence) can do for you. In two live-from-the-lab sessions, Bruker will show how to operate their spectrometers and provide valuable tips and tricks regarding sample preparation and handling.