Free webinar AFM-IR: nanoscale IR Spectroscopy for Materials and Life Sciences

Webinar Overview


Free AFM-IR webinar:
Learn about the breakthrough AFM-IR technique from Anasys Instruments and why it is being rapidly adopted as the method of choice for chemical identification and composition mapping at the nanoscale. Providing sub-50nm spatial resolution, AFM-IR provides an entirely new way to explore materials across a diverse range of applications. Our panel of experts will review the latest AFM-IR research results  on an array of new applications such as biofuels, organic monolayers; polymeric blends, multilayer films, semiconductors, organic electronics, plasmonics and life sciences samples such as amyloid fibrils, lysozymes, cells and sub-cellular components, bacteria and viruses.

Complimentary Webinar on Wed, Mar 19th, 8:00 AM PST

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