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Gatan Elsa Cryo-Transfer Holder


Elsa Cryo-Transfer Holder

Transfer cryo-EM samples to your TEM frost-free

The Gatan Elsa is a next generation cryo-transfer holder. A single-tilt liquid nitrogen holder for transferring samples frost-free at liquid nitrogen temperature to your microscope.

Designed for imaging radiation-sensitive, frozen-hydrated specimens with cryo-EM (single particle cryo-electron microscopy).

  • Large dewar for increased liquid nitrogen volume
  • Longer experiments
    • >9 hours hold time below -145°C
    • >8 hours of stable, high-resolution imaging
  • High quality imaging with <1.5 nm/min drift rate
  • High resolution cryo imaging – Resolve <2.3 Å features
  • Reduced settling and drift during tomography, with a centrosymmetric design to balance the centre of gravity during stage tilts

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Gatan Else



  • Cryo-EM
  • Cryo-tomography
  • Electron crystallography
  • Nanoparticle imaging


  • Perform longer, more complex cryo experiments
  • High resolution imaging
  • Reduced drift for better image quality
  • Image radiation-sensitive, frozen-hydrated specimens

Cryo-EM Proteasome

2.7 Å structure of the 20S Proteasome taken with the Elsa cryo-holder and K3 camera. Courtesy of Alexander Myasnikov, Michael Braunfeld, Yifan Cheng and David Agard.

Tip Configurations

Two tip configurations are available:

  • Ultra-low profile:
    • Gatan Quickload clip-ring-free mechanism to hold the sample
    • Highest tilt range of any side entry cryo-transfer holder available (±80° tilt)
  • Standard tip:
    • Easiest for new users
    • Clip-ring mechanism for securing the sample
Gatan Elsa Cryo-EM

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