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GIF Quantum K2


GIF Quantum K2

Direct detection camera for energy-filtered imaging and spectroscopy

The Gatan GIF Quantum K2 is a fast, counting mode direct detection camera for both energy-filtered imaging and spectroscopy. Study the compositional and chemical properties of materials.

The post-column energy filter/spectrometer gives you a unique combination of both counting and analogue detection technology.

  • Counting mode: The counting capabilities of the K2 camera give you the highest detective quantum efficiency (DQE) available for low-dose imaging, spectroscopy and spectrum imaging.
  • Analogue mode: Traditional CCD-based analogue detection mode for high-dynamic range imaging and spectroscopy.

GIF Quantum IS

There is also another model available: the GIF Quantum IS, with elucidating contrast modes for in-situ experiments. This combines unmatched, sub-millisecond temporal resolution imaging with energy filtered imaging. Choose this model for in-situ experiments such as zero-loss filtered, most probable loss and plasmon shift images.

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Gatan GIF Quantum K2

Sharp point spread function

Carbon-coated STO: Sharp point spread function enables you to use lower dispersions while still recording sharp fine structures with EELS. Spectra offset for clarity.


  • Materials research
  • Failure analysis
  • Low-dose electron microscopy
  • Cryo-electron microscopy
  • Catalysis and environmental microscopy
  • High-speed in-situ materials research (heating,
    biasing, liquid)


  • Unique combination of technologies
  • Unmatched elemental detection (near-zero noise)
  • Sharp spectra
  • Detect low-contrast objects
  • Capture fast in-situ events (Quantum K2 IS only)


  • Unparalleled elemental detection
    Spectroscopy results are near-zero noise. This makes it possible to perform detailed Energy Loss Near Edge Structure analysis (ELNES) and detect trace elements.
  • Sharper spectra
    The narrow point spread function reduces tails on the zero-loss peak. There’s less blurring on fine structures, for sharper data across a wider energy range.
  • Improved contrast
    Detect small, low-contrast objects by combining the K2 camera’s superior DQE with zero-loss filtering.
  • Capture high-speed in-situ events (GIF Quantum K2 IS only)
    Sub-millisecond temporal resolution for high-speed reactions, at up to 1600 frames per second (sub-area). You can save individual frames as images at full detector speed and resolution.

Gatan EELS chemical map

Map core-shell nanoparticles quickly with enhanced detection capabilities. Generate true chemical maps with EELS fine structure analysis. Recorded with a 200 kV uncorrected STEM – FeMnOx nanoparticle sample provided by Dr. Ward
Plummer, LSU, Baton Rouge, LA, USA.