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Cooling Stages


Cooling Stages

Helium & liquid nitrogen stages for SEM

Gatan cooling stages for SEM, ideal for stabilising beam sensitive materials, such as polymers and geological samples, and studying low temperature phases and semiconductors/superconductors.

  • Cryogenic gas cooling – Faster and allows stage movements
  • Remote cryogen dewar – No vibration and more space in the SEM chamber
  • Dovetail sample holders – Good heat transfer for low sample temperatures; airlock loadable
  • Extended temperature range options for multiple applications

Higher CL Efficiency

Low temperatures enhance the efficiency of cathodoluminescence, reducing the likelihood of competing non-radiative recombination events. Signal intensity and spectroscopic discrimination are improved, for better understanding of optoelectronic properties. Helium cooling is useful for research into indirect band gap semiconductors.

Higher CL efficiency enables the use of lower injection conditions. This improves spatial resolution, with smaller spot sizes and low accelerating voltage.

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Gatan SEM Cooling Stage



  • Beam sensitive materials
  • Low temperature phases
  • Semiconductors and conductors
  • Cathodoluminescence


  • Stabilises beam sensitive materials
  • Improves CL imaging
  • No vibration
  • Fast cooling

Cathodoluminescence with cooling stage

CL spectrum and composite monochromatic images of a GaN micro-crystal showing the donor-bound exciton at the band edge (DBE) and extra sharp peaks from stacking faults. These could  only be detected at low temperatures. Courtesy of J. Lähnemann, Paul Drude Institute, Berlin.