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Murano In-Situ Heating Stage for SEM


Murano Heating Stage

Heating stage for in-situ SEM

The Gatan Murano sample stage enables you to make dynamic micro-structural observations. They’re designed specifically for Scanning Electron Microscopes, and are easy to fit and remove. Murano stages are also compatible with various detectors, including EBSD (Electron Backscatter Diffraction).

  • Heating to 950°C for EBSD and SED (Secondary Electron Detector) imaging
  • Observe crystallisation and phase transformations in real-time
  • Offline specimen mounting and storage
  • Bulk specimen support designed specifically to operate within EBSD/focused ion beam (FIB)/SED geometry constraints
  • Water cooling and heat protective shielding
  • Additional bias control for imaging at high temperatures

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Gatan Murano SEM Heating Stage

EBSD map of bronze recrystallisation taken in-situ at 800°C


  • High temperature semiconductor failure analysis
  • Fibres and textiles
  • Polymers & composite materials
  • Biomedical
  • Food product testing
  • Bonding adhesion
  • Metals & coatings
  • Brittle materials & ceramics


  • Perform dynamic studies
  • Observe phenomena in real time
  • New insights for your materials research

Murano In-Situ Heating Stage

Study dynamic EBSD phase transformations within the restricted space of an SEM.