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Solarus II Plasma Cleaning System


Solarus II Plasma Cleaning System

Remove Hydrocarbon Contamination from TEM / SEM Samples and Holders

The Gatan Solarus II is a plasma cleaning system for removing organic surface contaminants safely and efficiently. Remove hydrocarbons from your TEM and SEM samples that may affect results.

  • Integrated holder bakeout and storage for a smaller footprint and reduced cost of ownership
  • Easy-to-use recipes for consistent results.
  • Guided workflows to ensure correct operation when venting and evacuating the chamber
  • Low-power operation (2 W): Ideal for delicate samples (eg holey carbon grids) and hydrophilic surfaces for cryo-electron microscopy

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Gatan Solarus II


  • Materials science
  • Life science
  • Electronics


  • Integrated holder bakeout & storage
  • Pre-programmed protocols & guided workflows
  • Gently clean delicate samples

Single Platform – Saves Space and Money

The Gatan Solarus II is the only single platform for both cleaning and storing electron microscopy specimens and holders. You can run back-to-back recipes to plasma clean samples in one chamber, then bake-out a cryo-dewar in the pumping station.

The controller electronics are integrated, so you don’t need to purchase an additional controller or move one in/out of the lab. This minimises the tool footprint and also reduces costs, compared to buying an additional standalone pumping station.

Plasma Cleaning System

Single pumping station module, with the Elsa holder connected (right).

Pumping Station

The pumping station stores up to:

  • 4 holders
  • 4 sample storage modules
  • Or a combination of both

You can also store TEM and sample storage modules from Gatan’s standalone turbo pumping station (model 655) and share common parts between the two systems.

Efficient and Gentle on Samples

Low power operation (≤2 W) enables you to clean fragile samples  such as holey carbon grids and prepare hydrophilic surfaces for cryo-electron microscopy. Auto-tuning adjusts the radio frequency (RF) power to suit the plasma’s changing characteristics and maintains stability. Together with the system’s unique H2/O2 gas chemistry, this makes cleaning more efficient, reduces sputter damage and prevents heating. The three-gas model can control the H2, O2 and Ar gases independently.

Easy to Use

Using the touchscreen, you can call up pre-optimised recipes for repeatable results. Switch between languages, for use in labs worldwide. The whole procedure is laid out on a single screen, so there’s no need to toggle between screens to update your parameters. When venting and evacuating the chamber, step-by-step on-screen instructions ensure the system is always used properly and safely, to prevent any damage.

Gatan Solarus Touchscreen

Control all parameters from one screen