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Ultrasonic Cutter


Ultrasonic Cutter

Cut Brittle Materials for TEM Sample Preparation

The Gatan Ultrasonic Cutter cuts holes, shapes and TEM discs from hard and brittle materials, including semiconductors, ceramics and geological materials.

  • Shape size: <1 – 10 mm
  • Material thickness: <0.04 to 5 mm
  • Minimal mechanical and thermal damage, with a manually tuned frequency driver to optimise the cutting speed.
  • Minimised sample damage and edge chips, with a spring-loaded platform and magnetically-held table to prevent lateral movement.
  • Position your sample precisely using an integrated stereo microscope and X,Y table.

A range of round and rectangular cutting tools is available for all standard TEM applications, as well as specialist shapes and forms.

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Gatan Ultrasonic Cutter



  • Materials science
  • Natural resources
  • Electronics


  • Suitable for hard and brittle materials
  • Flexible range of cutting tools
  • Features to minimise sample damage

Cutting Process

The method proven as most effective method for cutting brittle materials is mechanically coupling a piezo crystal to a shaped tubular cutting tool. A variable frequency driver delivers the ultimate in cutting performance, for every cutting tool, size or shape.

A specimen mounting hot plate is recommended to secure materials while they are cut. Low melting point wax holds materials safely and securely for you.

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