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3D Reconstruction Module


3D Reconstruction Module

Align and reconstruct 3D tilt series

Gatan’s 3D Reconstruction software enables you to align 2D projections from 3D tomography software and use them to generate a 3D volume.

  • Manual and automatic tilt series alignment
  • Sub-pixel accuracy
  • Assisted tilt axis location┬ádetermination
  • Multiple reconstruction algorithms including:
    • Weighted back projection (WBP)
    • Simultaneous iterative reconstruction technique (SIRT)
    • Memory conserving versions of WBP and SIRT
  • Sub-volume reconstruction
  • Live updates during reconstruction

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3D Reconstruction Software

3D reconstruction of an interplanetary dust particle. Courtesy of Dr. Ilke Arslan of Sandia National Laboratories, California and Dr. John P. Bradley of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, California.


  • Electronics
  • Natural resources
  • Material science


  • Align 2D projections accurately
  • Memory conserving algorithms
  • Live updates during reconstruction

3D Tomography Videos

Reconstruction Algorithms

Below is a comparison of reconstruction algorithms from simulated data. The left image is the original object: a cube. Projections were generated from -60 to +60 degrees at 1 degree intervals. The middle image shows the cube reconstructed using weighted back projection. The right image shows the reconstruction using 20 iterations of the SIRT algorithm. The blue and red levels correspond to 30% and 60% of the maximum level in the reconstruction.

TEM 3D Reconstruction