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3D Visualisation Software


3D Visualisation Software

Explore your 3D data

With Gatan’s 3D Visualisation software, you can explore your 3D data with┬ávolume rendering, isosurfaces, ortho slices and more.

  • Examine, interact with and interpret your reconstructed 3D volumes
  • Combines with Gatan’s other software modules
  • Memory efficient volume and isosurface rendering
  • Orthogonal slices
  • 3D Line profiles
  • Specify and extract 3D regions of interest
  • Merge volumes
  • Export videos as *.mpeg and *.avi

Conserving Memory

Memory limitations can also prove a challenge for reconstruction and visualization of large datasets. 3D visualization conserves memory by only keeping the part of the volume being viewed in memory and dynamically scaling the displayed volume depending on the level of resolution visible.


It is strongly recommended that you have a high-end graphics card (NVIDIA or ATI) and at least 2 GB of RAM.

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STEM tilt series of a dust particle

STEM tilt series image of an interplanetary dust particle. Courtesy of Dr. Ilke Arslan of Sandia National Laboratories, California & Dr. John P. Bradley of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, California.


  • Life science
  • Material science
  • Natural resources
  • Electronics


  • Memory efficient volume and isosurface rendering
  • Orthogonal slices
  • 3D line profiles
  • 3D ROI specification and extraction
  • Export videos