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Advanced AutoFilter Suite


Advanced AutoFilter Suite

Automated multi-element EELS & EFTEM data acquisition

Gatan Advanced AutoFilter Suite enhances the capabilities of your imaging filter with three extra acquisition modes:

  • RangeEELS – Capture extended spliced EELS spectra over multiple energy regions, with a single click.
  • EFTEM MultiMap – Multiple EFTEM acquisitions in a single experiment (eg zero-loss imaging and elemental mapping)
  • Advanced EFTEM SI – Simplifies acquisition range set-up by element or feature. This mode also extends EFTEM spectrum imaging acquisition over large energy loss ranges, while dynamically maintaining optimal signal-to-noise ratio.

With these modes you can set up, perform and repeat common EELS  and EFTEM (Energy-Filtered Transmission Electron Microscopy) acquisitions for multiple elements or features of interest in a single experiment. Experiment profiles can be stored for perfect reproducibility.

An extension for Gatan’s standard AutoFilter suite, compatible with GIF Quantum imaging filters.

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Gatan Advanced Autofilter Suite

Images and maps collected in a single acquisition using EFTEM MultiMap mode. Auto-exposure and auto-binning were active for all maps, for optimal acquisition of both intense zero-loss peaks through to extremely weak signals such as the silicon K-edge at 1839 eV loss. Acquisition time <10 min. Sample is a commercial semiconductor device, taken using GIF Quantum 965.


  • Electronics
  • Material science
  • Natural resources


  • Fast and easy to use
  • Intuitive set-up via a periodic table
  • Save time with automated modes
  • Save experiment profiles

EELS AutoFilter

Advanced Acquisition Modes

The suite gives you three extra acquisition modes:


Acquire extended spliced energy loss spectra over multiple energy regions. Auto-exposure and automated splice point determination maintain an optimal signal-to-noise ratio throughout the acquisition, for the best results. With a single click, you can capture a high quality EELS spectrum covering all features of interest.

EFTEM MultiMap

Perform multiple EFTEM acquisitions (eg zero-loss imaging and elemental mapping) in a single experiment. Automated features such as auto-exposure and auto-binning ensure an excellent result. Data is archived to file automatically for you. This mode makes it quick and easy to acquire multiple maps at the highest quality from a single region.

Advanced EFTEM SI

This mode adds powerful new features to the EFTEM spectrum imaging package. Set the acquisition range easily and intuitively by element or feature. With automatic exposure you can acquire extended EFTEM spectrum images over large energy loss ranges, dynamically maintaining optimal SNR throughout the acquisition.