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DigitalMontage Software


DigitalMontage Software

Stitch images together seamlessly

Gatan DigitalMontage software controls your TEM’s stage and optics, so you can collect images that stitch together perfectly.

This gives you a montage with a resolution that would be impossible even with cameras possessing ten times more pixels. It’s also useful when the area of interest stretches over several fields of view.

  • Moving the field of view:
    • Image shift – for microscopes with enough range
    • Image shift/beam shift
    • Stage – for large areas
  • Automatic stitching: Build a montage quickly and easily.
  • Manual stitching: In cases where automatic stitching is difficult, you can refine and adjust the position manually.
  • Overlap calculation: Use the configurable image filter in cases with, for example, strong periodic structure.
  • Automatic intensity matching: Reduces or eliminates seams between images.

Compatibility: A Gatan CCD camera is required. This can be used with most modern microscopes and some older models. Contact us for advice:

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Gatan DigitalMontage Software


  • Digital imaging
  • Biological sciences
  • Materials science


  • Large resolutions not otherwise possible
  • Images larger than your microscope’s field of view
  • Automatic adjustment & matching

Example Image

Here is a 4 x 4 grid of images; each is 2048 x 2048 pixels. The microscope stage was used to shift the field of view to take each image, with an overlap of 20%.

The image on the right is the montage created by DigitalMontage: a ~50 million pixel image. As you can see, there is no sign of seams, spatial discontinuities or intensity steps:

Gatan TEM Montage

DigitalMontage Process


To offset the field of view of the camera, DigitalMontage software can use either:

  • Microscope stage – Best at low magnifications; cover a larger area of the sample. Optical distortion is minimised.
  • Image-shift deflectors – Best at high magnifications; image can be stitched together easier.

Gatan DigitalMontage screenshot

TEM montage software


The intensities of the images are automatically adjusted, to reduce or completely eliminate the seams. Images can be adjusted manually if the automatic stitching needs to be adjusted. You can also position them completely manually if you wish. The software then combines them into a single image and adjusts the intensities so they match.

TEM image montage software