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GIF Tridiem 863 – Upgrade to Gatan Microscopy Suite 2


GIF Tridiem 863

Upgrade to Gatan Microscopy Suite 2

The software for the GIF Tridiem 863 system has been completely updated in Gatan Microscopy Suite (GMS) 2. With new features and enhanced automation, the software is easier to use, smoother and more efficient. All regular set-up and acquisition tools are in an updated AutoFilter palette, which covers all steps from filter alignment to final data acquisition.

  • Acquire very large data sets for EFTEM tomography, spectrum imaging and diffraction imaging using a Windows 7 64-bit operating system.
  • AutoFilter module
    • Filter status and control
    • Tuning and alignment
    • Data acquisition
  • Auto -exposure and -binning with a single click, with AutoMap acquisition including:
    • SingleMap
    • EFTEM SI
  • AutoPEELS¬†automates collection-angle determination, predictive auto-exposure, auto-correlation of cumulative spectra and spliced RangeEELS (advanced suite)
  • Element- and sample-centric approach to unify data acquisition and analysis between EELS and EFTEM using advanced AutoFilter suite
    • EFTEM multi-mapping – Acquire multiple EFTEM maps with a single click.
    • Advanced EFTEM SI – Acquire data by element using a periodic table, with auto-exposure options.
    • EELS Range – Fully automated extended range EELS spectra.

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GIF Tridiem Software

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  • Electronics
  • Material science
  • Natural resources


  • Access all features through a single palette
  • Smooth, efficient user experience
  • Acquire very large data sets

EELS range spectrum

EELS range spectrum consisting of 7 spliced segments, each with 10 summed spectra.

AutoFilter Suite

The redesigned AutoFilter palette has three sections:

Filter status and control

Essential controls for monitoring and controlling the status of the instrument. Change filter modes with EELS and EFTEM push buttons. Select a default or user-specified instrument state for particular experiments (eg pre-carbon imaging) with the regime selector.

Tuning and alignment

Options and automated settings to set the filter to an optimal state for both EELS and EFTEM modes. Improvements and tools for filter and spectrometer alignment make it quicker and easier to align and start acquiring your data.

Data acquisition

AutoMap and AutoPEELS panels for data acquisition in EFTEM and EELS modes.



EFTEM elemental mapping and EFTEM spectrum imaging (EFTEM SI) have been significantly improved with auto-exposure and auto-binning. You can now acquire data with a single click. The AutoMap system includes:

  • SingleMap: Simplified single element mapping.
  • EFTEM SI: Dynamic EFTEM SI for advanced quantification. Specify an energy range or a set of edges for mapping.


The EELS acquisition interface has been completely revised. It’s now based on the popular Enfina system style user interface from previous versions of Gatan Microscopy Suite. Features include auto-collection angle determination, predictive auto-exposure, auto-correlation of cumulative spectra and spliced RangeEELS system.