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HREM AutoTune Software


HREM AutoTune Software

Adjust TEM imaging parameters automatically

The Gatan HREM AutoTuning package facilitates HREM by adjusting the critical imaging parameters of your TEM microscope automatically, including focus, stigmation and beam tilt.

  • Auto Focus – Defocus amount can be set to any value
    • Scherzer focus (optimum defocus) – With a single mouse click
  • Auto Stigmate – Automatically determines and corrects residual astigmatism in the objective lens.
  • Auto Align – Automatic, coma-free alignment by tilting the incident electron beam. 3-fold astigmatism can be measured at the same time

The software automatically analyses diffractograms, and uses the results to determine which imaging parameters need to be fine-tuned and how much, for optimum microscope performance. The software outperforms even skilled operators in both speed and precision.

Use for both quantitative and routine HREM work.

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Gatan Auto-Align Software

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  • Life science
  • Material science
  • Natural resources
  • Electronics


  • Automatic adjustment for optimum performance
  • Faster and better results than manual adjustment
  • For new and experienced users


Example Images

Auto Stigmate

Auto Stigmate: From 52 nm astogmatism to <2 nm


Auto Focus

Auto Focus: (Scherzer focus on right)