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In-Situ Video Software


In-Situ Video Software

Synchronise images with in-situ data 

Gatan’s in-situ video software correlates images from a Gatan camera or DigiScan™ device with data from your in-situ stage or holder. Observe specimen changes accurately and relate them to the data acquired.

  • Update your in-situ device while recording.
  • In-situ device settings displayed on each frame.
  • Record images and data in HD video formats: uncompressed *.avi, *.mpeg4 or *.wmv
  • Compatible with Gatan TEM holders and SEM stages with SmartSet™ and ITC (model 503) controllers.
  • Use with 3rd party in-situ devices through open architecture.
  • Compatible with DigitalMicrograph scripting for experiment customisation.
  • Part of the Gatan Microscopy Suite.

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Gatan In-situ Video

In-situ compression of a 500 nm SiO2 glass nanoparticle. Indentation experiment coordinated and recorded using In-situ video software. Courtesy of Prof. Zhiwei Shan, Xi’an Jiaotong University.



  • In-situ TEM, EFTEM & SEM
  • Dynamic specimen behaviour (time series)


  • Records in-situ data and device settings for each frame
  • Accurate data and image correlation
  • Compatible with all Gatan imaging devices
  • Open architecture for 3rd party in-situ devices

Third Party In-Situ Components

Gatan’s in-situ video software can be used with 3rd party component plug-ins. These enable you to annotate images with hardware parameters in the same way as you can with Gatan devices.

Use the small test application below to test if a third party component is compatible with this software:

In-Situ Test application