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Latitude S


Latitude S

Data collection software for low-dose, single-particle, cryo-EM datasets 

Latitude S is a data acquisition software package for low-dose, single-particle, cryo-electron microscopy datasets from Gatan’s. This efficient and high-throughput software gives you maximum benefit from Gatan’s K3, K2, GIF Quantum LS and OneView cameras. Latitude S is the only software that fully integrates your cryo-EM instrumentation, TEM column and Gatan camera.

  • Single particle analysis with Gatan cameras: Automated low-dose acquisition on Gatan K3, K2, GIF Quantum LS and OneView cameras
  • Be more productive: Direct interface with Gatan cameras for unmatched throughput and productivity.
  • Platform independent: Compatible with select Thermo Scientific, JEOL and Hitachi TEMs. Mix and match EM columns to suit your lab.
  • Full support: On-site applications support and training is available.
  • Find “good ice” faster: Explore areas of different thickness and intensity quickly, to find the best locations on your grid.
  • Fewer repetitive tasks: Grid-based tools and templates make it easy to mark regions for further investigation (contiguous and separate).
  • Adjust parameters as you go: Fine-tune and update the remaining steps in the workflow for consistent routines.
  • Comprehensive task and session tracking: Comprehensive, real-time reports of session tasks, including current and scheduled actions with timings.

Further information and quotes:
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Gatan Latitude S Software

Find and mark hundreds of regions on the grid for investigation (contiguous or separate)


  • Life science
  • Cryo-EM
  • Single particle microscopy


  • Quickly screen samples and collect images from a specified area
  • Automated collection from hundreds of sample areas
  • Customise for each experiment
  • High throughput, with time-saving features

Primary Use Cases

Latitude S was designed for two main uses:

  • Quickly screen samples and collect high quality images from a small area of the sample
  • Automated collection from hundreds or thousands of sample areas.

These two methods of automation work in concert, so you can switch between modes seamlessly.

Find the Best Locations to Analyse

Image capture with Latitude S

Capture images from the best parts of your sample: a) Choose grid square; b) Select viable areas of the carbon film, with no ice holes; c) Indicate sub-regions to analyse; d) Confirm acquisition and illumination area; e) Assess image quality. (Click to enlarge)

Real Time Reports

Latitude S TEM Software

A comprehensive summary of the entire session is displayed, with time forecast for remaining tasks so you always know the acquisition status of your low-dose datasets. Pause, modify and restart acquisition routines as you need to, so there’s no loss of data.