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TEM AutoTune Software


TEM AutoTune Software

Automatically adjusts focus, astigmatism and misalignment

Gatan TEM AutoTune software helps you record high quality, optimised images on your TEM.

  • Set the exposure to automatically record the best images
  • Stitch frames together to increase the resolution and field of view
  • Take perfect digital images with as little as 3 mouse clicks

The software adjusts imaging parameters for you, to give you the best results: focus, stigmation and beam alignment.

  • Works at a wide range of magnifications and under low electron-dose conditions
  • Robust against noise
  • Measures image shift with sub-pixel accuracy
  • Faster and more accurate than manual adjustment:
    • Calibration: Beam tilt, objective lens focus and stigmators
    • Focus: Set defocus to any value
    • Stigmate: Correct objective lens astigmatism and adjust focus
    • Alignment: Adjust beam tilt angle to image-rotation center
    • Tuning: Completely align the microscope with a single click (beam alignment, astigmatism and focus adjustment)

TEM AutoTune is a plug-in for Gatan’s DigitalMicrograph software. For use with Gatan CCD cameras. For information about compatibility please get in touch:

Further information and quotes:
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TEM AutoTune Software


  • Life science
  • Materials science
  • Natural resources
  • Electronics


  • Faster & more accurate than manual adjustment
  • Better results, even for TEMs that are not in optimised condition
  • Easy to use, automated procedures


Tissue culture cells

Tissue culture cells infected with HIV virus: Exposure determined automatically from the illumination in the TEM.